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You're amazing

This is My First Time Listening to This Band. Their Pretty increatable. They Sound Great & I Really Like Their Music. Can't Wait To Go See Them

First Time Hearing This Band. Their Pretty Awesome

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anybody have the promo code for the fox

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Since the retirement of Rush, (been a fan since 1974), I've been listen for my new sound!!!

I've found it with GVF.

Being from Michigan like you guys is a great after bonus.

Rock on guys, I'm listening...

P.S.: for the sake of longivity of the band I suggest you...

Greta Van Fleet should sell patches.

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No matter who I, or anyone else might compare you to. Always remember that you are always you first. You're killing it guys, I'm loving it. Keep up the good work!!!

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No matter whom people will compare you too, always remember you are you first.