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bilharzia's picture

Brisbane - You cancelled 3 hours before start. Surely you could have given more warning so we could cut our losses. Seems to be a your attitude to drop fans last minute - for smaller venues??

Have flown back this afternoon from Brisbane to Adelaide with a few mates. Weekend cost thousands all up. We're older guys that have been big fans looking forward to this for last 3 months since tour announced. 

Not good enough. A raspy apologetic Josh playing for 20 minutes would have been better than this. This is common by what I've read. Won't keep fan support by disappointing. If I realised you regularly cancel I would have saved my money.

A very disappointed Tony

CharlesLGamboa's picture

My friend and I flew all the way down from Alaska to see you, only to find out a couple hours before the show that you canceled.  Welp, there goes a grand down the toilet.  Thanks Greta, you did me a real solid there.

Kenny_Van_Dyke_Jr's picture

So, rescheduled for a Wednesday/Thursday? Between hotel, and driving, my wife and I are out a solid 350 bucks. Tickets and time off work not included. Worst of all, I brought my six year old along, ear protection and all. You guys are what got him interested in music. It was hard to get him to understand what happened. He even told me he would try to sing for you guys if that would help. All in all I’m super bummed. It went from an amazing memory to an expensive drive. Now even if I can make it, my wife and kid can’t because of work and school... 

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I’m not sure the kids even care all that much that they’re canceling on shows. They have such a packed tour schedule, I highly doubt it they think twice about it. These kids probably don’t have much control over any of their tour planning either. I had 3 tickets and didn’t find out until about 1 hour before the show from a guy on the street in Seattle. Already paid for the hotel and what not after a 2 1/2 hour drive - what a waste. I still like their music, but if their going for the careless rock band trope, they sure achieved it imo. I’d return my tickets, but because they postponed and not canceled, I can’t. I’m stuck with to be decided  tickets to a band who’s already getting a rep for unpredictability and poor communication with fans - great... not going to be buying tickets to their shows again, or their merch for that matter. Hopefully they actually announce their rescheduled date before the night of... 

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So when is the show going to be made up from the sept 8 cancel at paramount...I’m 50 and drove 2 hours. Totally bummed guys! Jim in eastern Pierce county