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Anastasia_Carrier's picture

Ugh, I mistakenly trusted someone on Craigslist to transfer their tix to me for tonight's show only to find out it was a scam. My fault for not being more diligent but so disappointed. I've known friends to have no issues with legit people/ticket transfers. Watch out for someone saying their name is Joe with phone number (919) 225-4234 $50 Floor GA. Despite this, I hope everyone has a fantastic time tonight.  

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 Hello fellow Peaceful Army members! I am attending this show Jan 10 in Seattle alone as none of my friends could make the trip with me. If there are any lovely people out there who would like some extra (canadian) company I'm your girl! Give me a shout I would love to meet some Seattle greta heads!! <3 My insta is @ashvven 

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This is very late in the game but, I too am heading up to Seattle alone to see the boys! Non of my friends listen to greta:(. I hope to see you there! Insta:aylahoffman1