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caronfw's picture

Id like to see the guitarist branch out ala Joe Perry and mix some different axes into the mix.Not stay with just the SG like Angus.........Gotta love a Les Paul,Strat, and Telle ya know......

Jii_ernak's picture

When I saw you guys on MTV - well I had the sound on and I was doing something on my computer and suddenly I heard your sound - the band, the voice and I could not believe my ears - great rock and roll, amazing voice, great rhythm, guitar, drums, base..... all great piece. Man, I have not heard something like that for years. Hope you will bring real music quality back. We need you, and others like you are, who are real talents, who have the quality and heart for real music and not that crap that's been around for so long now. Go and make it big. You can do it. Bring back the glory of great music. Wish you all well. JC